My Brief Tussle With FOMO

Initially, quitting my job and taking a break from work was like a utopic scene in my head. I visualized an imaginary ax of deadlines hanging above me suddenly disappear as I hit ‘send’ on my resignation email. After working my notice period, I looked forward to binge-watching shows and knocking off books from my to-be-read list all the while applying for a new position. However, it didn’t take time for this much-wanted break to turn into a typical case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

I found myself bored as I exhausted my mental quota of reading and binge-watching shows. Even though my eyes had strained, my enthusiasm and energy were full to the brim. It led me to scavenge my Instagram and check on the latest stories and updates more frequently than I did before. When I came across funny stories and silly boomerangs posted by my ex-colleagues, which showed the fun they had at work, I felt FOMO hitting me hard. I wanted to join their party and be one of ’em, cool kids. It instantly took me back to the time when I was the one documenting my perfect work-life. Following this, I sat on the digital Ferris wheel, which went in circles with only one routine- checking my phone, keeping it aside for 15 minutes before checking it yet again.

In the present, as I look back at that week of feeling left out, I realize how overwhelming it was. I remembered why, in the first place, I decided to quit. It also meant stopping to correlate my past work-life to my current hustle. In this process, I realized there’s always going to be oh-so-beautiful updates that would look shiny on the ‘gram. Trying to reach for it and upsetting myself for not being a part of it was toxic. So, as I inhale in the present moment, I know I will survive when the next wave of FOMO tries to wash me over.

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