Manjiri Shete


After multiple attempts at saying the right thing, I realised writing ‘About Me’ is probably the second hardest thing I have done. The first was the creation of a blog.

Hi, I am Manjiri Shete, a full-time content writer. I love reading to a point where a good book has made me skip social gatherings that witness my not-so-funny attempts at being funny. My favourite sport is running between lipstick and book-related pins on Pinterest as my bank balance hyperventilates.

I wish I had a ‘memorable’ anecdote of how I found my niche in content writing. But, the only memorable thing about it was living up to my parents’ disappointment after refusing to become an engineer. (Sigh. How typically Asian of me.)

This blog was born after books and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. I wanted to document my thoughts (and vent frustrations) on books I have liked, disliked and ones that I can’t stop talking about. What better way to do that than using this blessing of the 21st century?

PS: In case you are wondering (not that you should), ‘Infernos Garden’ is named after Dan Brown’s ‘Inferno’ which till today remains one of my favourites.

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