Triumphs and Tumbles: My Misadventures on Kalsubai

As Hump Day draws to a close, I ruminate on the whiffs of nostalgia from the weekend that flew by. It was buzzing with excitement from the very beginning. An exciting Friday night at Van Gogh 360 gave way to a rather slow Saturday morning awaiting for what was in store. Dawn came, and it…

Slow Fashion In A Brown Middle-Class Family

Fast fashion has been one of the biggest culprits behind environmental destruction. Due to this, sustainable fashion, the latest buzzword, has seeped into every ‘it’ brand’s lingo. With customers conforming to environmentally-friendly choices, up-and-coming labels wear this term as a badge of honour. While the extent to which they genuinely align with the larger objective…

Fashion Bytes #3

I think monochrome pieces are the easiest way to look put together in times of doubt. The beige top and trousers blend with the background while letting the book steal the limelight. The book, Love After Love by Ingrid Persaud is much deserving of this attention. I have heard nothing but great things about it.

Fashion Bytes #2

In the past year, life, as we know it, has turned upside down. Along with it, so have our clothing choices. Although I love mom jeans, trousers have become my go-to for the sheer comfort they bring. Here’s a picture of me taken on a hot day in India.

Fashion Bytes #1

Books and fashion, being my favourites, I decided to merge both of them. I like how the plain lilac bodysuit clashes with plaid trousers in this picture. Also, The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak has been such a raved about book, I can’t wait to read it soon.