Japanese food concept that redefines ‘bite-size’

In my childhood, playing make-believe was my favourite pastime. I loved being the sous-chef and serve fake tea (with a dash of milk) to the other ladies. Like everything else back then, it was amazing!

Recently, in the internet’s wonderland, I stumbled upon a Japanese food concept that had me reminisce about these childhood pleasures again. (And made adulting go for a toss, but that’s beside the point.)

Intrigued? The YouTube channel, Miniature Space (and many others like it), shows the art of miniature cooking. Only, this time the food is very much real.

miniature kitchen
Image courtesy: Miniature Space. (This is kitchen is WAAAAAAY smaller than it looks.)

While my juvenile cooking sessions were limited to only making tea, these guys prepare french fries, sushi and even bake delicious cakes!

Here are some of the coolest items prepared by Miniature Space:

Dumplings (from the sheer size of the hand, you can gauge dimensions of the vessels)

Cheese Dak-galbi
Cheese dak-galbi

Chocolate Cake (the only chocolate cake that might add 3 calories, give or take)
Chocolate cake

Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate fudge


Sweet Potato Fries
sweet potato

If you tired of big portions, this miniature food is your answer.

*Image credit: Miniature Space.

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