Book Review: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

I picked this up thinking it was filled with a dash of fluff and two cups of drama. Oh boy, I was left shooketh.


Evelyn Hugo, a veteran star, is about to divulge the deets of her glamorous and scandalous life in Hollywood. Everybody wants a piece on her guarded life (post-retirement) because of the stardom during her career.
However, she will only speak to Monique, a little-known journalist.
Why Monique? Why not someone more renowned?
Monique meets Evelyn at her Upper East Side apartment in New York. Quickly, the story of Evelyn quickly unfurls- right from her roots to her seventh husband. The author has carved Evelyn’s character as a shrewd and ambitious woman, who knows her shit. She is unstoppable. (You go, gurrrl!)
At the side, Monique is going through a divorce. This book shows two women helping each other (however, unknowingly) fight their battles. All throughout the book, you wonder, why is Monique chosen for writing this biography? What is Evelyn’s agenda?

However, you have to get through the book to know to the juicy bit. It is witty and a luscious read that I devoured in no time. It also gave me a few of my most favourite quotes. Like, this one here:

“Never let anyone make you feel ordinary.”

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