These concept-oriented restaurants don’t have time to be BASIC.

As millennials, we are always on a hunt for diners that’d be worthy of our Facebook check-ins and Instagram stories. Doesn’t everyone love to keep their followers guessing about the location of that dope place recorded in your story (or is it just me)?

On that note, I have clubbed four concept-oriented restaurants that will severely impress your virtual friends and get a few double-taps.

Have a look!

The New Black, England.

If you are in a mood for a cuppa, The New Black in London should be next on your list. This restaurant has iPads on the coffee counters and interiors that look like a chemistry lab.

I would like my cappuccino in a beaker, please. 😉

THe new black
Image Source: Pinterest

Disaster Café, Spain.

The Disaster Cafe delivers earthquakes (with 7.8 Richter scale) as sides to go along with your meal and satiates your hunger for adventure, too.

Go on, let the adrenaline junkie in you break into a happy dance.

disater cafe
Image Source: Pinterest

Dinner in the Sky, Belgium.

The sky is the limit, right? definitely.

Giving a spin to the same old concepts, Dinner in the Sky serves meals while being suspended at 150-feet in the air.

They have other branches located in Vancouver, Shanghai and Las Vegas.

sky high
Image Source: Pinterest

Barbie Café, Taiwan.

At the Barbie Café in Taipei, your closeted barbie-loving-adult-self will be brimming with pride. From the menu to interiors, everything is about DGAF, gawk-worthy beauty.

Count me in.

Image Source: Pinterest

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