Book Review: The Queen’s Fool

CaptureWritten by Philippa Gregory, The Queen’s Fool focuses on the relationship between Queen Mary Tudor and Queen Elizabeth. Their fight to win the throne and keep their father, King Henry VII’s, legacy alive.

Queen Mary is remembered for burning the Protestants and heretics alive at the stake. Even today, she goes by the famous name (and myth) ‘Bloody Mary’. The story is been narrated to us by the perspective a Jewish girl as she becomes Queen Mary and Elizabeth’s confidante whilst struggling to keep her faith a secret.

“And all they will remember of this queen is that she brought the country floods, famine and fire. She will be remembered as England’s curse when she was to have been our virgin queen, England’s saviour.”

It sheds light on the relationship the sisters shared and political turmoil in England. Amid all this, the author brilliantly uncovers how once upon a time Mary was just a lonely young woman disinherited by her father, eventually becoming a queen with sheer bad luck.

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