You Can Try Bubble Waffles At This Churchgate Ice Parlour!

In the past months, bubble waffles have taken the social media by storm; turning Hong Kong’s funky street food into something more phenomenal. While you might have been craving these adorable eggettes, here’s place in Mumbai where you can relish this!

Papacream in Churchgate, other than serving frozen desserts, dishes out some brilliant bubble waffles. For starters, they have two options in Papa Waffle Sundae menu. Very Berry Sundae (Rs 265) is doled with fruit compote, blueberry ice cream and cheesecake crumble. The waffle is soft, tasting just as good as it looks you won’t be left disappointed. Meanwhile, their Belgium Chocolate Sundae (Rs 265) having lashings of caramel sauce is equally noteworthy. It’s finished with a scoop of chocolate sauce and choco chips sprinkled on the top. If you want to try something out of the regular, they also have an option of Red Velvet Papa Waffle where you can customise your toppings!

The only downside, unlike the regular waffle, these eggettes are less crispy. Nevertheless, as we hungrily look forward to our order, it is a pure delight to watch the bubble wrap form of waffle come to life.


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