Book Review: I’ll Give You The Sun

“His soul might be a sun. I’ve never met anyone who had the sun for a soul.”

 I’ll give you the sun is a contemporary YA fiction written by Jandy Nelson.

Let me start by saying, what a beautiful book! This is a story of twins, as they struggle with love, ambition and family in the adolescent years. Once close, Noah and Jude are emotionally broken and have drifted away because of a tragedy. The story is being told from their perspectives as they have to find their way back.

Warning: This book is filled with artistic metaphors. 

Not being a fan of love stories, I was a bit sceptical before starting it. However, this one here took me by surprise. It had me emotionally engrossed. I laughed, cried and was frustrated (at times) with the characters. The writing style is good!

I love it when a book evokes so many emotions as the conversations feel real. The book also explores homosexual relationships. The end here is a cliche, but I wasn’t disappointed at all.

For me, this book is a win!

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